MPC provides students with a Lobo Account which provides access to many online tools & resources through Lobo Apps—including email, Google Docs, Library resources, and online courses in Canvas. 

Your Lobo Account will be available for your use one day after you register for your first class, but it must be activated by you before you can use it.

Here's how to access Canvas through your Lobo Account!

  1. Click the "Lobo Apps" link at the top of the MPC website.

    The link to Lobo Apps can be found at the top of the MPC Web site.

  2. Login with your MPC Lobo Account (Note: You will need to activate your Lobo Apps account the first time you login to the site. If you can't login, contact the MPC Online Help Desk.)

    Enter your username and password in the fields provided.
  3. Click the "Canvas" icon on your Lobo Apps home page to access Canvas for your online courses.

    The Canvas link will appear on your Lobo Apps Home Page.