• Working with Modules to organize Weeks or Topics.
  • Linking the Home Page to the Modules.

Working with Modules to organize Weeks or Topics.


Now that the homepage of the course is set up our next step is to set up all the weeks or topics which Canvas calls "modules."

From the homepage click "modules". There is a module preset in the course. This is a module named "Canvas instructions for teachers summer 17." This module has a single item in it which is some instructions for teachers. But this module is hidden from students and this item is hidden from students.

We're going to set up some modules for our students. Click "+Module" to make a new module. Now the first one is going to be called our Course Orientation maybe and Resources. And click "Add module."

We need another module called "Week 1" and our topic for this course is going to be geology.  So "Plate Tectonics" is going to be the week 1 topic.

And we're going to add more items. Week 2, volcanoes etc... I'll pause while I make the rest. I finished adding all the modules for this eight-week course.  

I will, of course, have to add items underneath Course Orientation and Resources, a syllabus and other things. And under "Week 1 Plate Tectonics" I'll have lots of information. I'll have Content Pages and a Quiz and an Assignment and PowerPoints and other things. But for now I'm just trying to hook up the big structure of the course. All the weeks, all the modules exist.

Linking the Home Page to the Modules.

I'm going to go back to the home page and link up the home page to all of those modules. You can see here under "Learning Modules" where it has all these potential links for the weeks. That's what I need to fix. I click edit and, first off, I want this thing, "Start Here: Course Orientation", I want that to be a link to my Course Orientation and Resources module.

So come over here to this links area. This area lets you link to anything anywhere in your Canvas course. I can link to any page, any assignment, any quiz, any module. So having selected this picture, just click on Canvas Orientation and Resources. And that picture becomes a link to that the Course Orientation and Resources module.

Then come here and select all of these bulleted items, then press the Delete key... I'm going to undo that try it again... I'm going to select everything up to here, press the Delete key, leaving the single bullet under Learning Modules.

Here I want the links to all of the learning modules. Just come over to the modules and click "week 1" and then press Enter. Week 2, enter, Week 3, enter on down. And Week 8, and there we have links all of the modules and I'll click Save.


Here we have it: a home page now with links to all the modules. If the student clicks on one of them like my misspelled volcanoes, if the student clicks, it jumps them to the module view and puts that week right at the top of the page. That's it. Now we have the bones of the course all set up: the big structure, the home page and the links to the modules. Next we'll add some content.