It is easier for teachers to use Google docs than to use Word docs or PDF files.  Why?  Because to update a Word doc or PDF you must download it, open Word, edit, save, upload and relink into the course.  To edit a Google doc, you just edit.  Same with Google Slides

Here are the steps to putting a Google doc or slide into a Canvas course.

  1. In Google Drive, make the Google doc or slide.  (Instructions for converting a Word doc to a Google doc.  If you need help, put in a help desk ticket.)
  2. In Google Drive, right-click the Google doc or slide and click Share....
  3. In the "Share with others" window, click "Advanced":
  4. In the "Sharing settings" window, in the "Who has access" area, click "Change..." to change from "Private - Only you can access":
  5. In the "Link sharing" window, check "On - Anyone with the link", and click Save:
  6. Back at the "Sharing settings" verify "Who has access" is "Anyone who has the link can view".  Then copy the "Link to share", by right-click, copy:
  7. In Canvas add that link wherever you want.  You can add it to a module, just like you'd add any External URL.  You can put it in a page, just like you'd add any link. You can add it to the instructions of an assignment, just like you'd add any link in that area.