At the end of the semester teachers are required to record final grades in WebReg and submit to the Admissions & Records department a full gradebook as supporting material for those final grades. To submit the Canvas gradebook:

  1. In your Canvas course click Grades in the course navigation
  2. In the gradebook click Actions | Export to download a ".csv" spreadsheet file of the grades
  3. Open that file in Excel to edit or print

The full details are here: How do I export grades in the New Gradebook?

Combined Sections

If your Canvas course combined sections of different courses together, you may need to edit the spreadsheet to separate those students in different sections.  

Here's an example of a (relatively) simple solution.  Suppose you have 2 courses together and must separate the student gradebooks by section.  Let's say the sections are GWOS-12-1111 and HIST-12-2222.  Use these steps:

  1. Make a copy of the spreadsheet file.  
  2. Open the original in Excel or Google sheets.
  3. Sort by section #.
  4. Delete all of the students from section 2222 by selecting the rows and pressing the Delete key.  It's easy because the sorting step has sorted them all together.
  5. Save that spreadsheet file under the name Grades GWOS 12 1111.
  6. Open the copy of the spreadsheet file in Excel or Google sheets.
  7. Sort by section #.
  8. Delete all of the students from section 1111.
  9. Save that spreadsheet file under the name Grades HIST 12 2222.
  10. Submit those 2 files to Admissions & Records.


If the above steps don't make sense, please submit a help desk ticket.  The Online Ed team would be delighted to assist you!