(Please don't add students to your course.  When a student registers, the student will be added to the Canvas course automatically, usually within 1 hour.  If there is a problem, contact the Help Desk rather than adding the student to your course.  If you add the student by hand, the student may be able to complete the course without ever registering.  The student will not get credit for the course.)

There are 3 good ways to let a colleague see your course.

  1. Make the course public. This approach works even if the person you are adding doesn't have a Canvas account.  The user will not be able to see quiz questions, but can see discussion prompts and assignment instructions.
    1. From the Canvas course click Settings.
    2. Click the Course Details tab
    3. Change Visibility to Public
    4. Click Update Course Details
    5. Go to the course home page.  Copy the URL.  Send it to your colleague.
  2. Add the colleague to your course.  This approach works if the colleague is already in Canvas.  Use the role of TA, student or observer.  TAs have teacher-like capabilities to see everything.  Students can participate in the course.  Observers can't participate, so they can't see quiz questions, for example.
    1. From the Canvas course click People
    2. Click +People
    3. Put in the email address
    4. Select Role of TA, student, or observer
    5. Next
    6. Follow the prompts
    7. Notify the colleague to go to the Canvas Dashboard and click the "Accept" button, to accept the invitation.
  3. If the colleague needs TA-level access, but isn't in Canvas, put in a help desk ticket.  The Online Ed team can add the user to Canvas, then you can add the user to your course.