Canvas can keep track of which content students have completed in the modules. For students, completion of an item appears as a checkmark in the module.  

These checkmarks help students remember where they left off.  Teachers can get a report showing each student's progress, allowing the teacher to find and assist students who are falling behind.

Teachers control what it means for a student to complete an item.  Teachers choose among these options:

  • view a page, 
  • submit an assignment or quiz, 
  • contribute to a discussion
  • score above a minimum, or
  • mark the item as completed.

Canvas implements these completion checkmarks via "module requirements".  Teacher can create module requirements and prerequisites so a student can't advance to the next module until all the requirements of the current module have been met.

But that's not what we're doing here!  We're just using the "requirements" for their pretty, green checkmarks to indicate student progress.

To add completion checkmarks, go to the module, edit the module, and click +Requirements.  We recommend adding a requirement to every item. Remember, these "requirements" are just completion checkmarks. Here is the Canvas documentation on adding requirements to a module.  

Teachers can view student progress by clicking Modules, then the "View Progress" at the top of the Modules page. The teacher can step through student-by-student looking for those who aren't participating or are falling behind.