It is easier for teachers to use Google docs than to use Word docs or PDF files.  Why?  Because to update a Word doc or PDF you must download it, open Word, edit, save, upload and relink into the course.  To edit a Google doc, you just edit.  Same with Google Slides

Here are the steps to putting a Google doc or slide into a Canvas course.

  1. In Google Drive, make the Google doc or slide.  (Instructions for converting a Word doc to a Google doc.  If you need help, put in a help desk ticket.)
  2. In Google Drive, right-click the Google doc or slide and click Share....
  3. In the lower "Get link" section, click "Share with Monterey Peninsula College":
  4. In the "Get link" section click on "Monterey Peninsula College" or the down arrow to display your sharing options. 1) Restricted, 2) Monterey Peninsula College, or 3) Anyone with the link.
  5. Determine who has access, and then whether the access is a viewer, editor, or commentor. Once everything is setup how you like click on "Copy link" and then click "Done".
  6. In Canvas add that link wherever you want.  You can add it to a module, just like you'd add any External URL.  You can put it in a page, just like you'd add any link. You can add it to the instructions of an assignment, just like you'd add any link in that area.